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This site is currently Under Construction.
Because good help is so hard to find...

The Musketeers are a guild of active mages committed to helping and defending each other in the spirit of our motto:

"One for all, and all for one!"

Our guild is built on the idea of entertainment and fun.  We enjoy the game not only for the game itself but for the interaction between players and guilds alike.  Look around, and enjoy the TM hospitality.


The Assembly

Please read and understand our rules of engagement.  These are the rules you have agreed to when you attack one of our members.  If you think you've found a loop hole, your wrong.  They are a guide nothing more.  Besides we all know what's wrong and what's right.

1 attack within 36 hours = 1 shared counter within 36 hours
2 attacks within 36 hours = 4 shared counters within 36 hours
3 attacks within 36 hours = Hit Listed.
- Where an attack is a pillage, regular or siege
- We wont accept items as counters and will counter aggressively if used.
- Offensive enchantments or multiple items will be treated as an act of war!
- Persistent stalking of any one mage, or excessive hits on guild members by any one mage, will result in 3-5 shared counters to be taken at our discretion.
-Our counters and yours expire after 36 hours.
-By hitting a guild member, you accept and agree to our counter policy being enforced upon you, without any reservation whatsoever.

Before you can become a member, there is some things that are
required by our guild:

  • Experience (if your a newbie, no problem
  • Past guild affiliation, if any.
  • Why you want to join The Musketeers

Once the this information is received, the application
process can move forward.

Hope to hear from you soon,

The Assembly