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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I become a Guild member?

    - You must apply to the Musketeers at our website.


  2. I applied in Reincarnation, but still don't have access.


    • There is a formal process which you must follow.
    • Goto the Musketeer forums, and post the required information under the thread "Membership Application"
    • Then you register your mage on the Musketeer boards.
    • Once you've registered, we will assess the information that you supplied. And either grant you a probationary period as a Musketeer, or decline your application.


  3. I registered my mage but cannot post on your site, what's wrong?


    • Although you have registered, we must still grant you access to the boards.  Without it you can not post.


  4. How long is my Probationary Status?


    • There are 2 stages to the probationary Musketeer before you can be promoted
    • The first week you have been accepted, we watch to see your activity and loyalty to the guild.  If you do not appear, or are deemed to be doing unethical actions you can be removed.
    • If you status is expanded.  You are probationary for another 3 weeks.
    • Once the 3 weeks is completed a vote is held to determine your continued status.